• J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2021

J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2021

J.K. Lasser Institute
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America's most trusted tax reference with the citations professionals need For more than 65 years, J.K. Lasser?s Your Income Tax, Professional Edition has been the smartest guide to professional tax filing and planning available. It pairs the trusted guidance, clear advice, and money-saving tips you?ll find in Your Income Tax with the citations of tax authorities professionals need to locate relevant law, IRS rulings, and court decisions. Updated with all the changes relevant to the 2020 tax year, the new edition makes sure you?re armed with the latest on how to maximize deductions and shelter income, as well as useful examples of how the latest tax law applies to individual situations. Designed to save you hours of wading through Internal Revenue Code or IRS materials?and presented in a down-to-earth, easily comprehensible style?you?ll also find special icons calling out what?s new, including the latest laws, rulings, court decisions, filing pointers, and planning strategies. Whatever you need to know as a professional, you?ll be able to find it quickly and easily. Clear, expert answers to tough tax questions New and amended laws, court decisions, IRS rulings, and more Source literature via citations and references from the Code, courts, and IRS The impact of the 2019 SECURE Act and the 2020 CARES Act Keeping up with the latest on tax law is a full-time job?but that doesn?t mean you need to do it on top of your full-time job: the experts at J.K. Lasser?s Your Income Tax Professional Edition 2021 have done all that work for you&md

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