• Faithful Careers

Faithful Careers

Integrating the Catholic Faith and Work
Peter M. Smudde
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In Faithful Careers Peter M. Smudde contends that God calls us to live an "integrated life" that unifies both the spiritual and the secular aspects of life. As an introduction to integrating the Catholic faith with one?s work, this book answers, in the Catholic context, basic questions of what work is, why work is important, who we are as workers, how may we have fruitful careers, where may we find help about faith-work integration, and when we should take next steps toward better integrating our work and the Catholic faith. Smudde demonstrates how the Catholic faith truly does apply to our labor, and that our lives depend on that labor, by putting forth particular matters of the faith that pertain to faithful careers. He then puts into real-world context, pertinent teachings, concepts, principles, practices, and other means the Catholic Church provides for us, so that those lessons can be practically applied on a daily basis. Sources such as the Bible and writings of the saints, popes, contemporary Catholic spiritual writers, apologists, and scholars are applied to strengthen the support made about the book?s content. Catholic professionals at all stages of their careers will welcome this insightful book, which explores the call to put spirituality in the foreground?to obtain ever-deeper faith and, thereby, greater integration of faith in everyday life and career.

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