• Charity Management

Charity Management

Leadership, Evolution, and Change
Sarah Mitchell
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Britain faces challenges that weren?t imaginable thirty years ago, challenges which charities, rooted as they are in community action and the public good, should be ideally suited to tackle. But the charity sector seems paralysed. Even after a decade of cuts and immense social and environmental disruption charities are still fighting hard to maintain business as usual. To develop new responses to our changing world the charity sector desperately needs to reinvent itself, radically re-engaging with communities and developing powerful and scalable responses to the challenges facing the UK in the coming decades. What are the ties that bind charities, rendering them unable to re-invent themselves and to re-imagine their services, even when they face existential crises? This book explores how charities in the UK really operate, as seen through the eyes of people who work in and with charities, and investigates what holds charities back from change. It demonstrates what we can learn from entrepreneurship and market disruption in the private sector, and points to ways in which the sector can re-imagine what it does and how it does this. It presents a new ambition for charities to break free of their history and imagine a new role for themselves in shaping the future for our society. Presenting a new ambition for charities to imagine a new role for themselves in shaping the future for our society, this volume is especially valuable for academics and professionals in the fields of charity and non-profit management, organisational change, and strategic management.

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